The #PLE25 contest was a nostalgic experience curated & dedicated to the beloved Pokémon Trainer's original iconic headwear.
People mailed a postcard to enter in a contest to win a limited edition replica of the original Pokémon hat package (above).
This event meticulously recreated a contest described by Ash, the lead character in the Pokémon animated series, in the 1997 episode "Primeape Goes Bananas." Ash detailed a competition where entrants sent postcards to win one of only 100 exclusive hats. Despite its appeal, neither Nintendo nor Pokémon had previously actualized this contest. Seizing this overlooked opportunity, NOTTHATCHENEY (NTC.) faithfully replicated the contest as originally portrayed. 
View the corresponding animated series clip below:
To emulate the mystery and seemingly long nature of a mail in contest of the 1990s, the contest entry window was held between the dates when the episode aired in Japan until it was aired in the US: Sept 16th 2022 - Oct 9th 2023. 
The winners were delivered their hand numbered prize hat in a specially designed display box that also contained a congratulations card, hand numbered and signed certificate of authenticity, blank postcard entry, custom NTC Pokémon TCG card, and a sticker of a Pokémon flipped 1997 World Series logo.
Below here is one of the lucky winners doing an unboxing review of his experience:
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